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Our mission

The Gethsemane Lutheran Children’s Ministry (GLCM) is designed to meet the needs of children through an inclusive preschool program that offers a variety of activities and expressions while providing an environment which emphasizes the basic Christian values of love, trust, peace, cooperation, and respect. GLCM is a safe and affirming environment that promotes acceptance of all children and families.



“We would like to welcome you into our community and provide your children with the type of love, support, and care that will help them flourish as they learn to embrace life. It is our hope and desire to provide your children with the environment and the developmental opportunities that will allow them to have the type of foundation that will lead to ‘good beginnings that never end.’ Our staff hopes to have the opportunity to share in the joys and miracles that occur every day with the wonders that are our children.”

Valerie Johnson, Director